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Lice Xterminator LLC
"Getting Everyone Lice Free, One Head at a Time!"
TULSA'S #1 Professional Head Lice Treatment Salon! "Kids come first!"

Getting rid of head lice can be hugely difficult. At Lice Xterminator Salon it is our pleasure to end your "Nightmare" quickly and safely. Our company means business! We are armed with the latest scientific knowledge, cutting edge tools and product line, and our lice removal service is second to none. Our Salon uses both wet and dry non-toxic, holistic methods. We will eliminate all living head lice in your hair and also kill their hatching eggs.

When informed of the facts it just doesn't make any sense...to risk using "store bought" toxic pesticides like Rid and
Nix that are neurotoxins (chemically engineered and supercharged  neurotoxins that when absorbed begin attacking  brain and nervous tissue of the lice, thereby inducing a catastrophic Parkinson's Disease effect, resulting in violent trembling, shaking, seizure and death. However, if absorbed in humans, are a potenial cause of chronic health effects). These poisons can be harmfully absorbed by the numerous blood vessels in the  human scalp and because of high blood flow in the brain, can't exit the body fast enough, so until it does, the poison just circulates throughout the body's blood system, brain tissue and nervous system. The poison is 10x more soluble in brain tissue than in blood! (talk about a "cure" that's a 1,000 times worse than the problem, right?). Question: Would you even think of spraying Ant and Roach killer on your beloved child's head? No? Great, yet incredibly, Rid contains not only the same killing poison but 13x times the concentrated killing dosage!! click on our blog tab above for more pertinent research data on this very serious topic.

Fortunately a better option is now available. No longer are you limited to using messy, ineffective "home remedies" or dangerous pesticidals that dont completely eliminate the head lice or their eggs. Our Salon is proven, We are 100% deadly to head lice and their hatching eggs! We have customers who previously struggled with head lice on their own for months and some well over a year trying one useless "home remedy" gimmick after another. (sound familiar?) To their relief and joy we professionally ended their head lice "bondage" without chemicals or poisons.   

There is potential for grave risk in using any head lice insecticides. Take for example doctor prescribed Lindane, (a product banned in 169 countries, shown to have caused brain disorders, cancer and death) outlawed in the USA for agricultural use. But regrettably, Pharmaceuticals and well-intended Doctors are still allowed to manufacture and prescribe this powerful nuero-toxin for head lice treatments until 2015! Sadly and too late, so many have often discovered the product isn't working effectively anyway.
Why? Because (a) the lice have, since long ago, developed a resistance to them, as insects will in time with any chemical pesticide. (b) The hatching lice in the eggs haven't developed a nervous system yet and so are immune from any neurotoxins you apply!!

And so, with 100's sometimes 1,000's of remaining eggs still due to hatch you can see why do-it-your-selfers predictably, battle so long, and exhaust considerable physical and material resources day after day, week after week, month after month, ad infinitum. Sadly many just give up or do something drastic.

Using our wonderful 100% herbal baby safe, FDA registered, pediatrician recommended, holistic shampoo, your head lice "Nightmare" will be over easily, allowing you to return to normal, lice-free living again. Let the Pro's get rid of your head lice, call today!

  Our Salon will save you time away from school, money wasted on products that don't work effectively; wasted gas and time making trips back and forth to pharmacies, expensive doctor visits, etc. Your children will return to school head lice "free" and parents can return to work, relieved of stress and worry. Our prices are very affordable and varies only to the degree of infestation.

Our professional head lice treatment Salon is conveniently located in Tulsa on 55th & S. Mingo Rd. By appointment only so call and schedule your appointment today!

  • Same Day Appointments!

  • Our office is conveniently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • We utilize both wet and oil based treatments for fast and effective head lice elimation.

  • Full line of safe all-natural, organic pesticide-free head lice removal products, making it safe for even the youngest member of your family to use.

  • Our affordable prices save you lost time away from school for your little ones, time from your job, money from buying toxic over-the-counter products that don't work effectively and the lost hours spent using them.

  • Most importantly, we empower you with the tools and knowledge to keep head lice from coming back.

  • We provide a friendly stress-free atmosphere for your Peace of Mind and comfort!

Get rid of head lice quickly, safely and effectively with Lice Xterminators LLC. www.licexterminator.com  Call us today at 918-994-LICE (5423).

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